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What’s a cupcake?
Cupcakes (pronounced /ˈkʌpˌkeɪk/) are small cakes that fit in your hand and have the size of your hunger. You might have to eat many, that’s all! They generally are associated with United States because that’s were they became a huge hit. The first cupcake store in the world if the famous Sprinkles Cupcake, in Beverly Hills.

How many cupcakes there are?
You can make infinite combinations. I’ve seen cupcakes of all flavors and types, and I’ve made crazy cupcakes too. The whole question is if the ingredients will match but with a bit of creativity, we can do anything!

What do I need to bake cupcakes?
Beside the ingredients to your recipe, the basic stuff is in this post I’ve made: basic utensils for patisserie. You will also need a good and trustable recipe, patience and dedication. And never get into your kitchen in a bad mood.

Which sugar should I use for your recipes?
Granulated white sugar.

Which flour should I use for your recipes?
All purpose flour.

I tried your recipe and it didn’t work. What happened?
All recipes are tested and entirely eaten. If you have tried one of them and it didn’t work, some factors may need a second check up:
– Make sure you have measured everything correctly and all ingredients are as indicated in the recipe. If you don’t have much experience in patisserie, leave experimenting to after you’ve gained control over the recipe. Baking a cake is more than a hobby: it also involves a lot of chemistry and balance between each ingredient. A drastic change in those may result in a failure.
– Make sure your ingredients are all within their expire date.
– Make sure you have followed the recipe’s steps all the way. Sometimes there’s a reason for why you should beat butter and sugar for 8 minutes long.
– Room temperature ingredients, always. Unles it is specified otherwise.
If even then, the recipe still doesn’t work for you, I’d say let it be. Go find another recipe. There are a number of reasons for a failure in the kitchen – some even include the altitude of your city – and if it doesn’t work for you by any means, it’s easier to just go find another that will.

Are cupcakes all that you do?
No. I cook food. Any type of food. Just give me the recipe and the ingredients. Sometimes I don’t even need the recipe. Cupcakes are just what I most enjoy baking.

Do you take orders?
Sure, but only if you happen to live in Brazil. If so, send me and e-mail on Contact. :)

Juliana Morgado

I’m a journalist with more passions than time can allow me to have. I have found in the kitchen my paradise, my resting place after a long and exhausting day. It’s my addiction, really. Not only cupcakes but anything that I find interesting, challenging or fun to do. Despite the blog’s name, it’s not all about cupcakes. I love cooking risotto, of all kinds, and I simply love any recipe with cheese.

Cupcakeando’s History

I’m not sure when or why I started to cook. My memories are of my mother putting me in the kitchen and teaching Brazilian white rice and her awesome pomodoro sauce for spaghetti, with fresh tomatoes just the way only she can do. All I know in the kitchen I’ve learned by one way: practice. My recipes are created from my head and implemented with the tests I run, or even meticulously measured from trusted sources.
I have a true passion for cupcakes, because I believe they represent everything that’s good in the kitchen: butter, sugar, cuteness, dedication and creativity. Everything in the right amount for one person.
I enjoy experimenting with these little ones, and finding out new ways do decorate them. When I have nothing better to do, I start researching and studying recipes, theories and decorations for cupcakes. Yeah, study, that’s right.
The blog is also a place for my second passion: photography. I’m that person who keeps looking for angles and shots while walking on the park. I also study the art of photography through websites and books.

The Name

Cupcakeando means, roughly, cupcakeing in Portuguese. The noun “cupcake” is in a verb tense that most well-schooled Brazilians hate because it means an action that will never stop. That’s precisely my intention. I don’t have any wish to stop my cupcake factory anytime soon, or even stop cooking in general. If I don’t have anymore orders, it will be for friends. If my friends get sick of it, it will be for my family. When my family says “ENOUGH”, it will be for myself (and maybe for my Siberian husky and my Pembroke corgi). Because that’s what I love to do and what makes me truly happy.


All photos and texts on this website are produced by Cupcakeando, unless specified otherwise. They represent a lot of work and effort. In case you want to use any photo or text from this website, please make sure to link back to me or even get in touch with me before anything. I’ll be glad to help, but it’s important to give the proper recognition. :)

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